Saturday, March 24, 2012

Spooky Halloween Sketch and Revelation Magazine update

Scary Cover!

I wanted to share a fun assignment that I have been working on for a Plank Road Publishing song collection book for Halloween. This is definitely up my alley for sure! Its not very often that I get to draw my favorite scary friends, Dracula, Frankie and Wolfboy.

So far- this is the sketch. I need to try and finish this one by the middle of this week. I'll post the final artwork when it's done and the song collection when it gets printed.

Revelation Magazine Update

I finally finished the cover art for Revelation Magazine, along with all the interior illios. It is pending publication, to come out soon. I am posting the cover below: it is called "Maelstrom of Souls". I decided that pen and ink would be a suitable medium for this one. I really wanted to capture an expressive woodcut look and feeling.

"Maelstrom of Souls"

I will post the magazine when it is printed.
I'll keep you posted!